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Middle Curtain Design & Furnishing is your perfect curtain specialist! Our core business is Curtain Project and we are also specializing in Curtain Rails, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Upholstery, Carpet, Wallpapers and Cushion Covers. Moreover, we offer Johor Bahru and Singapore residents free quotation, design and installation. Our services from residential to commercial, whether you are apartment, condominium or building.

"The beauty of simple elegance" with this concept, we had imported the most exotic and luxurious taffeta and organza that are creatively used against contrasting deeper shades of solid colors. While it may seem unusual to use such fine fabrics for curtains, we have initiated a revolution by introducing taffeta and organza curtains to Johor Bahru residents.

"A man's home is his castle" so no matter how modern or humble your little home is, it's still your personal sanctuary. With this in mind, we aim to work with you to transform your home into the palace that will be the envy of others. Since we establish, we had gained a high reputation based on our product quality, timely service and an anticipation of our customer needs. Moreover, we offer our customers the highest level of quality products and services at fair and market competitive prices.  If you want to give your home's a face-lift, let us with you to give your home a makeover to turn it into the palace of your dreams.

美德窗帘设计与室内装修是您的完美帷幕专家!我们的核心业务是窗帘工程,我们还专门从事窗帘轨,卷帘,罗马帘,垂直帘,百叶窗帘,室内装饰,地毯,壁纸和 沙发套。另外,我们提供柔佛州新山和新加坡居民免费报价,设计和安装。我们的服务从住家到商业,不管公寓、共管公寓或大型商场,我们一律承接。


“一 个人的家就是他的城堡”,所以无论多么现代或简单的小家,它仍然是您个人的避难所。考虑到这一点,我们的目标是与您携手,把您的居家改变成宫殿,并获 得人们羡慕的眼光。自我们成立以来,我们已经赢得了很高的声誉,基于我们的产品质量,及时的服务和客户的满意度。此外,我们也以最公平及最具市场竞争力的 价格为顾客提供最优质的产品及服务。如果您想给您的家改头换面,请让我们与您一同把它改变成您的梦想宫殿。


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